Playstation 2 Addiction

I’m now hooked with my Playstation 2 and I’ve never failed to play (or hack) at least an hour or two during my down time. What got me hooked aren’t the games, but extending the slimlines’ possibilities. And I’ve spent a couple of hours reading various articles from homebrew apps to PS2 Modchips. Right now I’m testing out games that’ll run from my thumb drives.

I take a few moments everyday ripping ISOs and DVDs using USB Insane and booting USB Advanced to run them.

I have SCPH-77006 and I’ve been thinking of replacing it with an older “phat” one just so I could try loading games from a hard disk. And I’m currently awaiting my Swap Magic disk so I could try out Free McBoot.

LibreOffice Impress Ideas

While going through Hacker News links, I stumbled upon Sequence.js – a jQuery Slider Plugin.

I initially thought that it’s useless on the web because it’s a bit on the heavy side. I even noticed that Firefox 10 started to slow down. It’s an awesome idea, really, but practical uses on the web are few and far in between.

Sequence is the jQuery slider plugin with infinite style. It provides the complete functionality for a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme. In fact, Sequence has no in-built theme, leaving you complete creative control to build a unique slider using only CSS3 — no jQuery knowledge required!

That’s when I realized I saw something similar before, but aimed at presentations. It’s Prezi by Canonical’s Design Team.

Prezi is something that I would love to use, but won’t simply because it’s Flash-based. If you haven’t seen Prezi at work, try looking into the What is Ubuntu? demo. Also awesome, but again… I’m allergic to Flash.

As for Sequence.js, it’ll be great if the LibreOffice Impress team integrates it into their software. Although it’s just jQuery + CSS3, implementing it into their code might be a bit hard. For now, I’ll stick with static presentations and hope that it shows up soon on Impress.

Check out the Sequence.js Sliding Horizontal Parallax demo here.

Stop SOPA Blackout Day

I’ve recently participated in the Stop SOPA Blackout Day. And just now deactivated & deleted Toby Cox’ SOPA Blackout Plugin.

I’m also surprised and laughed at the reaction of some people who were not aware of the blackout. Reading those articles made my day.

And I’m happy that a lot of website owners from across the globe decided to participate. Everyone is, afterall, affected by it once it passes congress. Philippine citizens who owns a .com cough cough and .net domains/websites are especially affected. No one wants to be extradited to the US and tried for copyright infringement even if what we did is legal in the Philippine soil.

Business owners and SME’s running community sites are also affected. Imagine someone copying a jpeg from another website and posting it to yours. Someone complains, and the next thing you know, US IP packets are blocked from reaching your website. And that’s not all. Once SOPA (or PIPA) becomes law, say goodbye to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Why? Just take a look at your timeline, everyone is sharing everything.

Anyway, here’s a nice article explaining why a lot of sites went black yesterday.

And here’s a screencap of this blog when it went black.

Spammers Getting Tricky

Ooh, another spam… And I almost clicked on the virus-laden PDF file.

Bringing back the Pulse

I’m switching back to Pulse Reader. Taptu may be able to merge and utilize hundreds of feeds but it can only retrieve a handful of posts. I’m a night person and I sleep in the morning (or in the afternoon), so those news articles lullabys’ me to sleep. And I get pissed when I run out of news to read. Launching the Google Reader app is out of the question since it takes a while to load.

Another feature I miss is Pulse’ ability to share seamlessly from the app to Twitter and/or Facebook. Sharing a link from Taptu to Tweetdeck ain’t fun, I also need the title of the blog or article I’m sharing.