ScribeFire Next Fail

I decided to switch to ScribeFire Next. I like it’s layout and I have no issues posting to this blog. But I’ve been having authentication problems with Oh it authenticates, but it won’t get past this:

Outage Management System Update 2

Just wanted to give a quick update on the Outage Management System that I’m working on and planning to release as an open source project – for the benefit of my electric cooperative friends.

I’ve suspended development… temporarily. My schedule for the past 6 weeks has made it really hard to code, taking in calls for 8 hours taxes the body and stresses the mind. And all I really want to do when I get home is either lie down or watch a movie – so coding after work is also out of the question. And if I do get a chance to fire up Vim, I usually work on our in-house OMS.

On the technical side, I’ve long ago scrapped Code Igniter and utilized Silex instead – a PHP micro framework. But to be honest, I’m also checking out Limonade, so I might change my mind yet again – even though I don’t want to since this project’s long overdue. I’ve also included an option to enable real-time updates via long polling for those monitoring incoming complaints, but it’s still buggy as hell. I haven’t even started with the interruptions module much less the ERC/DMC/NEA SAIDI, SAIFI, MAIFI reporting. I’ll post the project on Github when I deem it *cough* *cough* presentable. Heh!

Neo Basic and Ubuntu

While going through (and deleting) my old emails, I came upon an ad from Neo. What surprised me is that they’re also offering Ubuntu for their basic laptops/netbook. I’m sure it’s to keep the cost down – something Neo’s been known for… affordable laptops for Filipinos.

R00ting with Odin

I finally got around to rooting my GT-P1000 Gingerbread. Been wanting to run penetration test apps to check the integrity of my server/workstations (at work). A mobile monitoring system also wouldn’t hurt (except when developing Android apps on Java).

I followed the Unlockrs’ tutorial and then waited for a few minutes to finish and reboot. I also got around to uninstalling those annoying Samsung stock apps.

Here’s a screencap of Odin flashing my GT-P1000

Air Music – DK DLNA/UPNP Player

While searching for an alternative to MediaHouse and UPNPlayer (which very recently crapped out), I stumbled upon DK Player, or DK DLNA/UPNP Player, or Air Music. Yeah, name’s that funky.

What got me hooked was Rakista Radio accessible from within Air Music. Within minutes, I’ve developed a severe case of vertigo and stiff neck from too much head banging. It’s been a while since I’ve last done that.

From the home interface, you can access AUPEO!, Internet Radio streams, Local Media, your UPNP/DLNA servers, and MP3Tunes.

My Slayer songs and Spartacus videos can also be streamed from my MediaTomb server.

And finally, Rakista Radio from Internet Radio > Locations > Filipino. Hell, yeah!

It’s not perfect, but it works for me. I may have to select a video player and Android Player for my renderer every time I launch Air Music, but that’s a minor inconvenience which I hope gets fixed soon.