MSI Wind

I recently purchased an MSI Wind U100LX at Enigma Phils. I chose it over Red Fox 1020i X2 for two reasons, (1) Enigma Phils. insisted that the Red Fox netbook costs PhP 21,500 even though it’s only PhP 16,500 on their pricelist, and (2) the MSI Wind’s documented on their wiki regularly updated by their active and friendly community. Even though their webcam and wifi didn’t work out of the box on Ubuntu, I still find it very appealing.



First thing I did was remove FreeDOS and a hidden partition containing Windows XP (possibly used for demo purposes by the shop’s technician – no, i didn’t get it sealed). I am, however, disappointed to discover that U100LX didn’t come with Open SUSE (as advertised on other websites). So I did what’s best for my new box – install Ubuntu Intrepid via a Unetbootin created USB Installer.


And of course, I’ll never forget it’s badge.


Then I upgraded it’s packages and installed my dev tools.


Here’s the my new desktop



The small screen (10″) didn’t really pose a problem for me when surfing…



… and when doing my thing 



All in all, I’m quite happy with my Wind. Heck, I even reformatted my old laptop and eMachines desktop and gave it to my wife. My Wind would be my main box now. It’s light, portable, and very, very fast.

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6 Responses to “ MSI Wind ”

  1. Nice new toy Dax! Now I am tempted to get one for myself!

  2. Thanks Aaron! hehehe, took me 8 netbooks before I finally decided to get the Wind.

  3. I Got one too! And I’m totally satisfied…no, overly satisfied!=)

  4. Congrats Dax on your new netbook.

    Did your wireless works out of the box after you install intrepid ibex?

    I also own a wind and that one of the few things missing after my installation.

  5. @Jeffrey
    got the deb here;

    no, wifi didn’t work out of the box, but the camera did. im thinking of replacing my stock wifi card with intel. now that works out of the box. just need to find one here in baguio, otherwise, i’ll be forced to order from the web.

  6. bug report is already in launchpad i believe this will be included in jaunty.

    you can also try this site

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