Air Music – DK DLNA/UPNP Player

While searching for an alternative to MediaHouse and UPNPlayer (which very recently crapped out), I stumbled upon DK Player, or DK DLNA/UPNP Player, or Air Music. Yeah, name’s that funky.

What got me hooked was Rakista Radio accessible from within Air Music. Within minutes, I’ve developed a severe case of vertigo and stiff neck from too much head banging. It’s been a while since I’ve last done that.

From the home interface, you can access AUPEO!, Internet Radio streams, Local Media, your UPNP/DLNA servers, and MP3Tunes.

My Slayer songs and Spartacus videos can also be streamed from my MediaTomb server.

And finally, Rakista Radio from Internet Radio > Locations > Filipino. Hell, yeah!

It’s not perfect, but it works for me. I may have to select a video player and Android Player for my renderer every time I launch Air Music, but that’s a minor inconvenience which I hope gets fixed soon.

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