Fire Encrypter, Pencil, and PingFire for Firefox 4

There will always be utilities I can’t live without. And I have 3 XUL applications that I missed when I upgraded to Firefox 4. And since I can’t wait for the developers to update and release those applications, I decided to hack its install.rdf file and force it to work on Firefox 4.

I love using Fire Encrypter and as a developer, this is one invaluable tool that I can’t recommend enough to all Software Developers, System Administrators, and the Hackers. Who cares about CLI utitlies when you could do it on a GUI? Although Fire Encrypter 4.0 is released and supported for and up to FF3.0, it still works fine on FF4.

Another utility I use on a regular basis is Pencil, a prototyping/wireframing tool. Although the developer has released a stand-alone desktop version, I still prefer the Firefox Extension. Pencil may not be as powerful as, say, Dia, Wireframe Sketcher, or <cough> even <cough> Microsoft Visio, but it’s simple and intuitive enough that my 5 year old daughter can use it with very little (or no) learning curve.

And lastly, PingFire. If you use, then I’m sure you’re signed up with 3 or more social networking sites and tired of posting your updates, statuses, or links individually. I know there’s Gwibber, and dozen other tools that does the same thing, but they don’t support posting to LinkedIn, Jaiku, Yahoo Profiles, MySpace, etc. Check out if you’re interested.

So here’s the hacked xpi files. Don’t worry, all I did was modify install.rdf to force them to be work on Firefox 4. I appended the string dax so I can easily recognize the files. Just do note that since FF4 isn’t supported, a few bugs would show up especially with Pencil.

Edit 20110818: Updated extensions to support FF6

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