SysAdmin Tools from CD-R King

I got another batch useful tools purchased from CD-R King to add to my tool bag. CD-R King’s a life saver for those who need cheap gadgets. It maybe China-made, but those basic stuff are really sturdy. Just make sure single purchases don’t go beyond P500, because it does – and sometimes, it will – break. At least you won’t regret it if it does go south.

Four-port (plus an internal one, five total) USB PCI Card… because an underpowered USB-hub just won’t cut it when attaching power-hungry devices like an external 2.5″ hard disks. And my USB hub goes into my tool bag.

A portable Card Reader… because corporate desktops and older laptops doesn’t have their own reader.

And finally, an RJ45/RJ11 Cable Tester… for when I need to get my hands -literally- dirty.

The only thing missing are a can of compressed air and a fairly powerful USB Vacumm Cleaner.

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