Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

The appeal of tablet computing has surged the last few years and the geek in me decided to give in to the hype. It’s called Gadgetgasm, it’s like sex, but better. There’s no constant nagging of cleaning up after yourself, or doing the laundry.

Coming from the low-income bracket, I first took a look at those Chinese Android Tablets. It’s cheap alright, and you get what you pay for. Flimsy package with around 2Hrs of battery life. I can tolerate most of its shortcomings when compared to quality tablets, but the 2Hr battery life isn’t for me.

I next took a look at Archos Tablets because it’s nice, sturdy and affordable. The only problem is, I can’t find it anywhere in Baguio City. And no, I’m not a big fan of ordering online – too many things have gone wrong in the past. Other stuff are ok, but not precious electronics.

After realizing that my beloved sister has a death grip on her tablet, I decided to pursue an alternative route… bug my other family members until they give in. It’s great that they timed their vacation well. Brother’s home from California, and my Mom recently arrived from Calgary.

And now, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab – the old model with 3G+WiFi, not the WiFi-only version.

I’ve already configured my home screen to show the Calendar, Dual-Clock, and Weather widgets. Shortcut to my productivity apps are also on my main home screen.

The Contacts app is great. It did most of the work for me by importing contact details from my Facebook and Gmail account. The Dialer is unremarkable though – and mostly awkward. Does the app really expect me to dial a number to call someone? Heh, this Tab’s phone feature is for 3G and SMS only. I still have my old phone with me for good ‘ol fashioned voice calls.

Another great app is the Daily Briefing’s Weather module (which retrieves its data from Accuweather) and the News & Weather’s News module. Two bad it’s two separate apps which also contains so-so modules.

And lastly, I’ve come to love FourSquare and Google Maps-Latitude. Granted my GPS location’s around 20-50M off my actual location, it’s just something new I’d like to try. Maybe I can even use this to throw the cops or NBI off my scent.

I also have the following apps for my Productivity section:
Android’s Calendar, Alarm, Memo and Contacts
Taskos for my tasks list, Evernote synced with Nevernote on my desktop, Expense Manager, and Thinking Space for my mind-maps.

My Office section’s composed of Google’s Gmail, Docs, OpenOffice Viewer, ThinkFree Office, and Dropbox

My news needs are handled by Daily Briefing (probably a Samsung app), News & Weather (also most probably a Samsung app), Philippines News, Google Reader, Pulse, CNN, OMG! Ubuntu, and reddit is fun apps.

My eBooks are managed by the eBook app, as well as Cool Reader and the vanilla Adobe Reader.

I also have Firefox Mobile, Opera Mini, Google Talk and Skype apps, YouTube and eBay apps, Wiki Encyclopedia and AndroIRC.

My GPS needs are handled by GPS Essentials, Google Navigation, Google Maps, and Google Places. I’ve also tried OpenMapLite which retrieves Open Street Map data but is still a very buggy software. We need more Open Street Map apps here people!

As for my Social section, I have Social Hub (also another Samsung app), TweetDeck, Facebook for Android, LinkedIn and Foursquare apps.

Nothing notable on Gaming besides Angry Birds, Chess, and two Sudoku apps. I also have Mango which retrieves manga from MangaFox and ChanScan for my 4chan requirements.

And finally, I’ve collected QR Droid, WiEye, androidVNC, SimpleFTP, BotSync, SambaExplorer, and GhostCommander for my utilities.

I’m still refining my Android Dev workspace on my Ubuntu box, but will get back to you guys after I’ve published an actual app that’s not only usable to me. A couple of my friends suggested a PMS tracker to monitor my wifey’s mood swings, but I’ve stumbled upon a pink calendar app that does the same thing. I’ve also developed a logger to track how many times I got laid or masturbate in a day but there’s really no real-world use for it beyond the 4chan network. Besides, wifey finds it obnoxious and offending. So, until my next post.

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