1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference

The University of Baguio recently hosted a one of kind event north of Manila and it’s aptly named the 1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference. It was held on January 18-19, 2010 and sponsored by the ASEAN Foundation and the International Open Source Network among others.

There are three tracks to choose from this event. Track 1 which is the Business and Service Delivery. Track 2 which is a hands-on seminar on various Open Source Softwares used in the Educational sector. And Track 3, another hands-on seminar on System Administration and FOSS Migration.

The event kicked off with the obligatory prayer and national anthem performed by the UB Voices. The welcome remarks from Mayor Bautista was inspiring and a very informative keynote address by Dr. Filemon Uriarte of ASEAN Foundation.

There’s also a cultural presentation by the UB dance troupe (sorry, I’m not sure what they named their group). One of which is a Cordilleran dance – it’s technically a thanksgiving ritual.

Dr. Francis Sarmiento III was up next with his presentation on Free / Open Source Software.

There’s the mandatory Four Freedoms.

Atty. Michael Vernon Guerrero Mendiola discussing Copyrights and Creative Commons. Another informative presentation on local copyright laws, its benefits, and its coverage.

Then we have the Q&A Session

Christian Placido Calma on the iSchools Project. I’m keeping an eye on this project since they’re using Ubuntu and have had tons of installations.

Joel Brian Juliano of 8LayerTech on KahelOS. An ArchLinux-based local Linux distribution.

Mario Rosendo Diaz Jr. on his FOSS implementation at the Baguio City Public Library.

Another success story by Ms. Lorie Nayag-Layugan on FOSS in Education. UB’s integration of OpenOffice.org and various Open Source Softwares in their curriculum.

Engr. Annie from Lorma Colleges and her presentation on Lorma Linux.

Dong Calmada on FOSS Success Stories in the Non-Government Organizations

Deng Silorio of 8LayerTech on FOSS in Small to Medium Enterprises

Ted Otoman on FOSS in Software Development.

This is Day 2 of the event and we were relocated to the auditorium where Track 1 – the Business/Service Delivery Track was held.

Meric Mara discusses the FOSS Business Model with his presentation entitled An Offshoot to Liberate Minds.

Reaching out to Present and Potential Clients using the Internet and FOSS by Jofell Gallardo

Document Management System (Alfresco) by Reuben T. Campos

IP Telephony in Trixbox by Jose Paulo “Jopoy” Solano

8Layer’s 8ix Zenith CE by Meric Mara

MAgrikalakal – Mobile Application for Trading

Enterprise Resource Planning with Open Bravo by Edwin Gonzales

Closing Remarks by Dr. Francis Sarmiento III

Day 1 Group pictures

Day 2 participants during Doc Francis’ Closing Remarks

My online idols whom I finally met in person

And of course, new friends…

Freebies from the event

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