SFD2009 Baguio

It’s been quite a while since the last Open Source event here in Baguio City. So this year, I’m organizing Software Freedom Day 2009 Baguio together with Linux users and volunteers sympathetic to the cause.

However, during registration, I found out there’s 3 more groups who attempted to run previous SFD – something which I wasn’t aware of. They are Cordillera Linux Advocacy Network (Clan), Baguio Open Source Society, and IT Society – all of which had vague details. So I decided to register Ubuntu-PH as the one running SFD this year in Baguio. And with the help of various volunteers, I’m quite certain we’ll succeed.

I still have 2 more remaining boxes containing Ubuntu Jaunty CDs which will be given away during the event. I just hope SFI approves our application and qualify for the team package since I’ll be inviting all colleges and universities (including my employer) to the event.

As a side note, another Ubuntu-PH member, RJ Ian Sevilla, would run SFD2009 Zamboanga and I’ll also help out with the giveaway CDs.

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