New Desktop

We recently got a replacement for our eMachines T2798 that just died on us (same thing happened to my cousins’ who possesses a similar model). I’m sharing this workstation with my daughter since wifey needs my MSI Wind for their Manila vacation in a few days.It’s a custom-built AMD Athlon X2 4800+ (configured to run […]

Smart’s ZTE MF627 on Karmic

This is my last night on Karmic Koala ‘coz tonight, I’ll be upgrading to Lucid.  So I decided to try out my 3G stick from Smart and test it on my buggy Koala (MSI Wind issues mostly). Whaddaya know? It still works.. although I’m not quite sure if it works out of the box or […]

A nice personal server for the geeks

Linux for Devices recently published an article on NorTec’s Gecko Surfboard. Not only does it consume just 5 watts, but it’s also fanless and costs $99.  Granted it’s a bit anorexic on 1.0 GHz, but for a personal/low-traffic server, I believe it’s more than enough (this server’s running on P3-733MHz/384MB). Enterprises can also use this […]

IPod Nano’s Firmware

Now that the iPod Nano firmware’s been cracked, it’s only a matter of time before Rockbox releases its own version. Can’t wait to dump my Mp3s and welcome back Ogg!

SmartBro ZTE MF627

I recently got a SmartBro ZTE MF627. It’s a mobile broadband device that utilizes existing 3G, HSDPA, EDGE and GPRS connection (whichever is available). With this device, I can easily connect anywhere there’s a cellular signal. This is a better solution over 3G phones which drains your batteries (3hrs battery life with GPRS/3G turned on […]