Acer Aspire 5520 Keyboard Replacement

Seems like my Acer Aspire 5520 keyboard finally gave in to my aggressive typing. The key for 1 seem to be stuck and there’s no way I could be productive unless I replace it ASAP. So I ordered online at OLX, paid yesterday at around 3PM, item was shipped via LBC in an hour (that […]

Neo Basic and Ubuntu

While going through (and deleting) my old emails, I came upon an ad from Neo. What surprised me is that they’re also offering Ubuntu for their basic laptops/netbook. I’m sure it’s to keep the cost down – something Neo’s been known for… affordable laptops for Filipinos.

Playstation 2 Addiction

I’m now hooked with my Playstation 2 and I’ve never failed to play (or hack) at least an hour or two during my down time. What got me hooked aren’t the games, but extending the slimlines’ possibilities. And I’ve spent a couple of hours reading various articles from homebrew apps to PS2 Modchips. Right now […]

SysAdmin Tools from CD-R King

I got another batch useful tools purchased from CD-R King to add to my tool bag. CD-R King’s a life saver for those who need cheap gadgets. It maybe China-made, but those basic stuff are really sturdy. Just make sure single purchases don’t go beyond P500, because it does – and sometimes, it will – […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

The appeal of tablet computing has surged the last few years and the geek in me decided to give in to the hype. It’s called Gadgetgasm, it’s like sex, but better. There’s no constant nagging of cleaning up after yourself, or doing the laundry. Coming from the low-income bracket, I first took a look at […]