Outage Management System Update 2

Just wanted to give a quick update on the Outage Management System that I’m working on and planning to release as an open source project – for the benefit of my electric cooperative friends. I’ve suspended development… temporarily. My schedule for the past 6 weeks has made it really hard to code, taking in calls […]

Multi-Monitors and Productivity Boosts

I’ve been reading an article by Eric Spiegel about developers needing a second monitors. I have to agree that I’m more motivated coding with two, instead of one monitor. I usually use the main one for my preferred editor-of-the-day (I have a couple because don’t stick with a specific editor) while the other I use […]

Open Sourcing the Outage Management System

I started in the Radio Room back in March (or is it April) 2008 and I was horrified to discover that their logs consists of *gasps* logbooks. Tons and tons of logbooks, around 2 or 3 for every year. Everytime our GM, managers, or supervisors asks for updates to a particular complaint or interruption, we’re […]

Ubuntu and PHP5 Configuration

Since moving from cookie to session-based authentication, I’ve been getting permission errors from my PHP5 application (Outage Management System). Notice: session_start() [function.session-start]:ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php5) failed: Permissiondenied (13) in <path> on line <line number> And then there’s the 24 minutes timeout even though my .htaccess’ properly setup and configured. Both of these issues prompted me to dig […]

Web Development?

VB Programmer: so, what do you do? Me: Web Development. VB Programmer: (with disgust and an eyebrow raised) web development? Me: yeah, and you? VB Programmer: (proudly) Visual Basic! …. then he showed me a DOS application that queries an MS Access DB. What the VB Programmer don’t understand: Setting up a website today usually […]