Amarok 1.4.10

Finally got Amarok 1.4.10 working on my Intrepid – thanks to Bogdan Butnaru’s PPA – who listened to our rants and complaints with Amarok 2. I have an iPod Nano 3G, and Amarok 1.4.10’s the only player that can manage my device. Sure, Rhythmbox and Banshee handles my collection and Podcasts just fine, but it’s […]

Fun with Wine

How do I spend my free time? Well….

LugRadio – End of Life-Cycle

I just read Jono’s post and it’s sad to hear that LugRadio’s about to end. LugRadio’s actually one of the reasons I’m using Linux, it’s also the reason I’ve migrated to Ubuntu. It’s been an entertaining journey and it’ll be fondly remembered. Thanks Jono! Thanks LugRadio! Blogged with the Flock Browser

Playing with Open Source GIS Apps

Working in a Utility company has its advantages and disadvantages. I’m surrounded by Engineers with years of experience… you can only imagine just how threatening an environment I’m in right now. The stress is off the scale and the demands are too many to manage. But the challenge motivated me… and now, a day hasn’t […]

Resistant to Change

In the corporate world, proposals, suggestions, and comments are always met with politics. There are always a few things a businessman thinks and asks about when introduced to a foreign concept called Open Source and Open Source Software: Lawyers, Money, Newspapers, Security, Stability, and Durability. I believe OSS meets those requirements. I’m glad my boss […]