Outage Management System Update 2

Just wanted to give a quick update on the Outage Management System that I’m working on and planning to release as an open source project – for the benefit of my electric cooperative friends. I’ve suspended development… temporarily. My schedule for the past 6 weeks has made it really hard to code, taking in calls […]

Open Sourcing the Outage Management System

I started in the Radio Room back in March (or is it April) 2008 and I was horrified to discover that their logs consists of *gasps* logbooks. Tons and tons of logbooks, around 2 or 3 for every year. Everytime our GM, managers, or supervisors asks for updates to a particular complaint or interruption, we’re […]

1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference

The University of Baguio recently hosted a one of kind event north of Manila and it’s aptly named the 1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference. It was held on January 18-19, 2010 and sponsored by the ASEAN Foundation and the International Open Source Network among others. There are three tracks to […]

Gwibber 2.0 is here

Gwibber 2.0 is here and available in the PPA. The newly redesigned app is intuitive and the feature to filter out tweets, dents, DMs’, and feeds is a long-awaited addition. Powered by ScribeFire.

SFD2009 Baguio

It’s been quite a while since the last Open Source event here in Baguio City. So this year, I’m organizing Software Freedom Day 2009 Baguio together with Linux users and volunteers sympathetic to the cause. However, during registration, I found out there’s 3 more groups who attempted to run previous SFD – something which I […]