Planning for Software Freedom Day 2011

This email was sent to me a few days back: The Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) is the pioneer organizer of Software Freedom Day (SFD)  in the Phippines are already starting to organize the SFD 2011, on-behalf of the CPU we are inviting some individual volunteers from different organisation/Local group/Company to join the 2nd Meetup of […]

Zamboanga City Natty Release Party

Apparently, the Philippine Team will hold two Natty Narwhal Release Parties this June 24, one in Manila and other in Zamboanga City. This would allow us to maximize effort and exposure by serving 2 out of 3 island groups. The Zamboanga City event is organized by Yolynne Media and will be hosted by ELearning Centre, […]

Better Late than Never – Natty Release Party

And just when you thought Ubuntu-PH is in hibernation-mode, the folks in the Philippines will kick off June 2011 with Natty Narwhal Release Party. If you’re in the Greater Manila Area and itching to meet up with fellow Ubuntu users, join the party and share your Ubuntu stories over pizza and a bottle of beer […]

Ubuntu Global Jam in Manila, Philippines

The Philippine Team will be joining the worldwide community of Ubuntu users in celebrating the Ubuntu Global Jam. An online IRC session on translations (and hopefully, packaging) is scheduled on the 27th at #ubuntu-ph while an offline meetup is scheduled on the 28th. The offline meetup is organized by the lovely Myra Jill Siason while […]

1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference

The University of Baguio recently hosted a one of kind event north of Manila and it’s aptly named the 1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference. It was held on January 18-19, 2010 and sponsored by the ASEAN Foundation and the International Open Source Network among others. There are three tracks to […]