Philippines 2010 Elections and Ubuntu

The Philippines 2010 Election will be using an electronic counting machine for the first time. The Linux-powered machines were provided by Smartmatic and the ROMs are managed by (and supposedly programmed in) Ubuntu. Yes, Ubuntu has a major role to play, albeit obscurely, in our country’s history.

My Lucid Experience

Lucid Lynx is scheduled to be released next month, but that didn’t stop me from upgrading (clean install). This is a nice opportunity for me to test it out, as well as contribute by reporting any bugs I might stumble upon. The default theme is refreshingly minimalistic – my wife commented it’s very inviting. There’s […]

Smart’s ZTE MF627 on Karmic

This is my last night on Karmic Koala ‘coz tonight, I’ll be upgrading to Lucid.  So I decided to try out my 3G stick from Smart and test it on my buggy Koala (MSI Wind issues mostly). Whaddaya know? It still works.. although I’m not quite sure if it works out of the box or […]

Lernid on Proxy and Philippine Team Tutorial Series

I was at work during the Ubuntu Developer Week, but that didn’t stop me from attending this event via irssi. I was, however, disappointed when I found out that Lernid doesn’t work (yet) from behind a proxy server. And I didn’t get to experience the full potential of Lernid – you know, with the presentation […] is Back!

Finally, after 2 years, our site is back. Thanks to Matthias for pointing the domain to our current host. Also thanks to the great devs behind the LoCo Drupal theme group. I’ll also backtrack our past (2007-2009) activities and post them on the site. Next project is getting our LoCo Planet back – I need […]