Upgrading and Rooting Xperia Mini ST15i

So wifey got a new Android phone, an Xperia Miro ST23i – a welcome upgrade to her old ST15i. The timing’s perfect because I’m in need of another Android device. The problem is, ST15i’s still on Gingerbread. So I stretched my arms, cracked my knuckles, and got to work. I thought it’ll be easy, after […]

Weather Widgets

I spent a few hours trying out different weather widgets for my Samsung GT-P1000 – something that’s similar to the awesome animated Sony’s Weather Widget below: Unfortunately, the closest animated weather widget doesn’t support my city. Most retrieves weather data only for US and Europe while other cities/countries are left out. *sigh* Too bad the […]

R00ting with Odin

I finally got around to rooting my GT-P1000 Gingerbread. Been wanting to run penetration test apps to check the integrity of my server/workstations (at work). A mobile monitoring system also wouldn’t hurt (except when developing Android apps on Java). I followed the Unlockrs’ tutorial and then waited for a few minutes to finish and reboot. […]

Air Music – DK DLNA/UPNP Player

While searching for an alternative to MediaHouse and UPNPlayer (which very recently crapped out), I stumbled upon DK Player, or DK DLNA/UPNP Player, or Air Music. Yeah, name’s that funky. What got me hooked was Rakista Radio accessible from within Air Music. Within minutes, I’ve developed a severe case of vertigo and stiff neck from […]

Bringing back the Pulse

I’m switching back to Pulse Reader. Taptu may be able to merge and utilize hundreds of feeds but it can only retrieve a handful of posts. I’m a night person and I sleep in the morning (or in the afternoon), so those news articles lullabys’ me to sleep. And I get pissed when I run […]