Youtube’s Blocking Videos

Another win for democracy and insane copyright laws! And yes, that’s sarcasm!

Open Sourcing the Outage Management System

I started in the Radio Room back in March (or is it April) 2008 and I was horrified to discover that their logs consists of *gasps* logbooks. Tons and tons of logbooks, around 2 or 3 for every year. Everytime our GM, managers, or supervisors asks for updates to a particular complaint or interruption, we’re […]

Working on a Holiday

I’ve spent my Christmas and New Year at the office two years in a row (going third this month). Since my family’s on a vacation in Manila, I have the opportunity to catch up with my work so I can [probably] slack off next month from reports and data updates. Another motivating factor is the […]

On Facebook Malware

The method used by those application is technically called Clickjacking, but my use of the term Facebook Malware or even Facebook Virus is more readily and easily accepted by novice users (read: my mom or my wife) to describe malicious applications bent on using the users account to spread itself and gather detailed (and even […]

Snow Show Fail

Hailstorms are the closest thing we have to actual snow. So when the City of Baguio announced a Snow Show this December, the residents were delighted and gave their all out support for this event (including me). However, Murphy’s Law were in effect. Hundreds, if not thousands, of residents and tourists alike gathered near Porta […]