2013 February Rants

This ain’t the usual post… just me venting out my frustrations through a medium I’m familiar with. Philippine Copyright LawSo first let’s talk about how the Philippine Congress made us turn our backs, forced us to bend over and then raped us in the ass by passing a law amending Republic Act 8293. This law […]

Stop SOPA Blackout Day

I’ve recently participated in the Stop SOPA Blackout Day. And just now deactivated & deleted Toby Cox’ SOPA Blackout Plugin. I’m also surprised and laughed at the reaction of some people who were not aware of the blackout. Reading those articles made my day. And I’m happy that a lot of website owners from across […]

Spammers Getting Tricky

Ooh, another spam… And I almost clicked on the virus-laden PDF file.


Before buying gadgets or tools, geeks usually go online to check availability, download pricelists and compare prices. But what would you do when you stumble upon an unfinished (has been untouched for months) site that uses circa 99 animated gifs. I’m just happy they refrained from using the <blink> tag. Octagon Computer Store… FTW!

Batman is Gay

I’m a big Batman fan, but here’s something that made me think he’s gay.