Smart Plug N Talk

I just saw this advertisement from Inquirer and got curious with its technology. Reminds me of Skype, but without the freebie. They call it Plug N’ Talk, a product of Smart Telecoms. It’s the practical application that intrigued me at first, mostly because I work in the Radio Room, Communication or Command Center for those […]

MSI Wind

I recently purchased an MSI Wind U100LX at Enigma Phils. I chose it over Red Fox 1020i X2 for two reasons, (1) Enigma Phils. insisted that the Red Fox netbook costs PhP 21,500 even though it’s only PhP 16,500 on their pricelist, and (2) the MSI Wind’s documented on their wiki regularly updated by their […]

MSI’s Internal Research

According to this article; “Linux-infused netbooks get returned four times as often as units with Windows XP”. We really can’t blame people for it, but I still feel sad that those same people would prefer an outdated and insecure operating system for their netbooks. And again, those same people would also prefer Vista or Windows […]

MS on Linux

One can only guess what distro Microsoft is running.. Blogged with Flock

Protecting the Server

I’ve been getting attacks like this on a daily basis, once in the morning, then another in the late afternoon or early evening. If you haven’t secured your server yet, better do it now before it’s too late. Blogged with Flock