Ubuntu and PHP5 Configuration

Since moving from cookie to session-based authentication, I’ve been getting permission errors from my PHP5 application (Outage Management System). Notice: session_start() [function.session-start]:ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php5) failed: Permissiondenied (13) in <path> on line <line number> And then there’s the 24 minutes timeout even though my .htaccess’ properly setup and configured. Both of these issues prompted me to dig […]

BENECO uses Ubuntu

The Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BENECO) is now using Ubuntu full-time under the Operations and Maintenance Department (OMD). Granted we only have 3 confirmed installs, we determined it’s the best and most effective course of action for its users. There are 2 more file (Samba) servers purportedly running on Red Hat, but I still haven’t […]

1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference

The University of Baguio recently hosted a one of kind event north of Manila and it’s aptly named the 1st North Luzon Free / Open Source Software (FOSS) Conference. It was held on January 18-19, 2010 and sponsored by the ASEAN Foundation and the International Open Source Network among others. There are three tracks to […]

Another shot at Karmic Koala on my MSI Wind

The 2 major bugs on Karmic affecting MSI Wind has been fixed Ubuntu has detailed a workaround on the 2 major bugs on Karmic affecting MSI Wind on the release notes. I can finally upgrade my netbook to the latest version. This is a nice christmas gift from the Ubuntu team. Bug #415023 brightness is […]

IPod Nano’s Firmware

Now that the iPod Nano firmware’s been cracked, it’s only a matter of time before Rockbox releases its own version. Can’t wait to dump my Mp3s and welcome back Ogg!