Another hacked PH Website

Can you imagine how annoying it is to stumble upon handful of cracked Philippine-based government websites? At this day and age where information dissemination is critical to your constituents, we need competent system administrators, sturdy operating systems, and smart users. Oh, and by operating systems, I mean free operating systems such as BSDs and Linux. […]

BENECO uses Ubuntu

The Benguet Electric Cooperative, Inc. (BENECO) is now using Ubuntu full-time under the Operations and Maintenance Department (OMD). Granted we only have 3 confirmed installs, we determined it’s the best and most effective course of action for its users. There are 2 more file (Samba) servers purportedly running on Red Hat, but I still haven’t […]

Ubuntu Karmic Upgrade Errors

This is the 2nd time I’ve attempted to upgrade to Karmic from Jaunty. The first one went well without any incident, but I kept having errors this time and can’t determine how far in the install process I’m in. Update: Ctrl+C to the rescue!

Another shot at Karmic Koala on my MSI Wind

The 2 major bugs on Karmic affecting MSI Wind has been fixed Ubuntu has detailed a workaround on the 2 major bugs on Karmic affecting MSI Wind on the release notes. I can finally upgrade my netbook to the latest version. This is a nice christmas gift from the Ubuntu team. Bug #415023 brightness is […]

MSI Wind

I recently purchased an MSI Wind U100LX at Enigma Phils. I chose it over Red Fox 1020i X2 for two reasons, (1) Enigma Phils. insisted that the Red Fox netbook costs PhP 21,500 even though it’s only PhP 16,500 on their pricelist, and (2) the MSI Wind’s documented on their wiki regularly updated by their […]