GMA, ABS-CBN, and Flash on Zirco Browser

It sucks when you go to a site to specifically watch a video and they tell you that you’re missing the Flash Player plugin. It happened to me countless times with GMA’s mobile site. I know I have Flash, I’ve watched videos before. I have Zirco Browser installed and I prefer it over Android’s Webkit […]

Thunderbird 3.1 and Lightning on a 64-bit Linux

I’ve used Mozilla Thunderbird for so long I don’t think I can switch to other clients. For me, Thunderbird is the only fixed point in space and time. So when Mozilla released v3.1, I didn’t even miss Lightning (a calendar extension). I figured I can tolerate Google Calendar’s interface. But then, school’s catching up and […]

Goodbye Flock

Now that the countdown to Flock Browsers’ demise has started, I can’t help but feel sad for its loyal users. What a waste really. They have the right idea, but too few developers that kept on playing catch-up with Firefox, its extensions, Facebook and Twitter. Maybe it’s because of its license – it’s not a […]

Firefox Security Alert Scam

Here’s another funny and creative shit from malware creators. After visiting a certain website, this notice popped up. Curious to what it is, I clicked on the Ok button. At first I said, “Hey! New FF feature!” Looks legit enough, until the site tried to scan my C:\ Drive MY C:\ ‘EFFIN DRIVE Like I […]

WP Super Cache saves the day

It’s the time of the month where I check the sites and workstations I manage. It’s when I purge the log files (which I review weekly), delete old backup files, run fsck, update my admin scripts, and go through my security checklist. Then I noticed something odd. I can’t seem to login to my blog […]