Fixing Mediatomb on Ubuntu 15.04

Apparently, Mediatomb got b0rked on Ubuntu 15.04 since my clients can’t seem to find my server right after a dist-upgrade. Upon checking the logs, I found that it’s bound to another port – specifically 50500.  But everything’s fine when started manually. So I checked the init scripts on /etc and pinpointed the culprit to /etc/default/mediatomb, […]

ScribeFire Next Fail

I decided to switch to ScribeFire Next. I like it’s layout and I have no issues posting to this blog. But I’ve been having authentication problems with Oh it authenticates, but it won’t get past this:

LibreOffice Impress Ideas

While going through Hacker News links, I stumbled upon Sequence.js – a jQuery Slider Plugin. I initially thought that it’s useless on the web because it’s a bit on the heavy side. I even noticed that Firefox 10 started to slow down. It’s an awesome idea, really, but practical uses on the web are few […]

Bringing back the Pulse

I’m switching back to Pulse Reader. Taptu may be able to merge and utilize hundreds of feeds but it can only retrieve a handful of posts. I’m a night person and I sleep in the morning (or in the afternoon), so those news articles lullabys’ me to sleep. And I get pissed when I run […]

Fire Encrypter, Pencil, and PingFire for Firefox 4

There will always be utilities I can’t live without. And I have 3 XUL applications that I missed when I upgraded to Firefox 4. And since I can’t wait for the developers to update and release those applications, I decided to hack its install.rdf file and force it to work on Firefox 4.