Fixing Mediatomb on Ubuntu 15.04

Apparently, Mediatomb got b0rked on Ubuntu 15.04 since my clients can’t seem to find my server right after a dist-upgrade. Upon checking the logs, I found that it’s bound to another port – specifically 50500.  But everything’s fine when started manually. So I checked the init scripts on /etc and pinpointed the culprit to /etc/default/mediatomb, I guess they reworked it.

MT_INTERFACE is set to lo, I changed it to eth0

MT_PORT may be left alone, but I changed it back to 49152 since that’s the port I’ve set in /etc/mediatomb/config.xml

I restarted Mediatomb and I got my videos playing back on my phone.

Acer Aspire 5520 Keyboard Replacement

Seems like my Acer Aspire 5520 keyboard finally gave in to my aggressive typing. The key for 1 seem to be stuck and there’s no way I could be productive unless I replace it ASAP.

So I ordered online at OLX, paid yesterday at around 3PM, item was shipped via LBC in an hour (that was fast for an online seller), and I received the item in less than 24Hrs… very, very impressive!

Then I went through my bookmarks and reviewed the guide for disassembling my laptop.

Got it replaced in less than 30mins (whoa!) The guide really helped a lot and the keyboard works great… plus, there’s no more confusing characters.

2013 February Rants

This ain’t the usual post… just me venting out my frustrations through a medium I’m familiar with.

Philippine Copyright Law
So first let’s talk about how the Philippine Congress made us turn our backs, forced us to bend over and then raped us in the ass by passing a law amending Republic Act 8293. This law now prevents us to bring home music, videos, and books as well as stiffer penalties for copyright infringements. We already have a saner Copyright Law and then the senator decided to shit on it. Villar won’t get my vote this coming elections.

But do you know what all of this sounds like? SOPA/PIPA? You’re not wrong. ACTA or the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement used to force other countries to bow down to MPAA/RIAA wishes or risk being blacklisted as a trade partner. This has been going on for quite some time now, we just didn’t bother because we trusted our lawmakers to put the welfare of fellow Filipinos first. We were dead wrong.

Been having a hard time focusing these days. Seems like ADD/ADHD-like problem’s getting worse.

Personal Projects
The reason why the Outage Management System is still unreleased is because I want to do things right the first time. Once this project has been deployed, redesigning the database may not be an option for ECs. Another report requirement for CAPEX has been requested and this presented another redesign opportunity to our already fucked up database and backend code.

Another project in the works is WebGIS, though still in the conceptualization stage. I wanted to replace our DSLS with something more visual. Basically it’s ArcGIS on your browser… Though I still have no idea how well it’ll perform and how it’ll be received by my colleagues. We in the Radio Room definitely needs it. A prototype is already on with an OpenStreetMap layer and accessed/edited using QuantumGIS.

I’m really hoping for lesser distractions this week.

ToDo List
Still have over two hundred on my ToDo List. GTD did not help me, but Extensive Notes did.

Java and Android
I wanted to have another fallback skill in case I resign from my employ. I see creating Android Apps as a viable career. All I need is an idea for an app.

Bureau of Internal Revenue
And if I did start with my Android app career, I need to review our taxation laws and accounting. Apparently, BIR will start going after e-Entrepreneurs. If you’re selling stuff on eBay or on Facebook.. Watch out!

IP Address
I’m from Baguio, but my IP Address shows Cubao. I thought this would’ve been fixed by now. Nice one PLDT.

Being Social
I’ve already deleted my Twitter account. First they take third-party developers for granted, and now there’s a break-in. Goodbye Twitter, I really hope I can express my frustration in 140 characters or less.

Papercuts and Bug Jams. I’ll be installing Raring Ringtail once the torrents’ done so I can be more active in reporting bugs. In the mean time, Filipino (and other Philippine Languages) needs more love.

Ayt, that’s it for now… I guess.

Upgrading and Rooting Xperia Mini ST15i

So wifey got a new Android phone, an Xperia Miro ST23i – a welcome upgrade to her old ST15i. The timing’s perfect because I’m in need of another Android device. The problem is, ST15i’s still on Gingerbread. So I stretched my arms, cracked my knuckles, and got to work.

I thought it’ll be easy, after all, I’ve upgraded my GT-P1000 and Xperia ST27i before. But boy was I wrong. The most confusing part is wading through a lot of tutorials and trying them all out one by one. So I’m compiling this list to make it easier for those doing the same thing.

This is a two-part tutorial. The first one is upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich – which is relatively simple, and the second is rooting your ST15i. If you don’t need root, then you can skip this part out. I only rooted my device for only one reason – to uninstall Sony’s crapware. And for a device that only has 400MB or so of storage for apps, every unnecessary stuff has to go. That means Timescape, TrackID, Lyrics/Karaoke extensions, etc.
Read more…

Weather Widgets

I spent a few hours trying out different weather widgets for my Samsung GT-P1000 – something that’s similar to the awesome animated Sony’s Weather Widget below:

Unfortunately, the closest animated weather widget doesn’t support my city. Most retrieves weather data only for US and Europe while other cities/countries are left out. *sigh*
Too bad the widget won’t work on non-Sony/Xperia devices. So I settled for Digital Clock and Weather, which works just fine for my tablet and it doesn’t eat up a lot of resources.